Our small group training sessions cover all bases. With a new fit fam, plus access to our private Thrive Facebook group where I am constantly guiding and keeping you on track, you can’t go wrong. The Thrive Method has produced results over and over again.


Inner Strength & Flow

Fusion of yoga and pilates principles, closing with meditation to set you up for the week, raising your vibrations, focus and clarity. It serves to lengthen muscles and strengthen your mind & body from top to bottom, from inside out.

Thrive Method ‘Tone’

Full body strengthening/resistance class designed to tone & trim- utilising the barre, weights, TRX, and cable machine. A sculpting class that most importantly strengthens your whole body and deep core muscles and keeps your body burning fat for up to 24hrs afterwards.

Thrive Method ‘HIT’

Metabolism boosting movement performed in short bursts. Proven to be the most effective format for increasing fitness, losing body fat and for female hormones. The opposite of long, tedious cardio. ‘High Intensity Interval Training’ (HIIT) takes more energy than the plodding pace of aerobic exercise because it taps larger muscles fibres that aren’t frequently used. This is for you if you wish to continue burning calories long after the workout, and increase your lean muscle mass.

Boxing & HIT

Outdoor sessions are the perfect release and feel good fitness sesh to some awesome beats in nature! Wonderful if you sit at a desk all day and are nature and fresh air deprived (plus you’ll burn a lottt of energy and it provides a killer ab sesh). A strong focus of boxing form. There’s a a reason it is the chosen workout of Victoria’s Secret models.

Boxing with Warren Sparkes

My fiance is a pro boxer, and runs adults and children’s classes focusing on form, confidence, strength and power. They are traditional classes that focus on pad work, foot work, form, and skipping to get a full body workout and abs of steel. One of the quickest ways to get super fit. See here for more details.


Group Training sessions are on Monday-Saturday at various times in our Thrive Studio or outdoors for boxing. See the booking page here for session times. We would love to have you join the Thrive family.

Today’s society has produced an environment that is not optimal for humans to thrive. We are expected to be more productive with less sleep, processed unnatural foods, plus exercise strenuously for hours on end. This not so holistic approach results in lifestyle diseases, highly stressed and unhappy individuals who are out of balance, less vibrant and physically unable to live life to their fullest.

If this is currently you, I can’t wait to meet you.

Once signed up, a 30 day cancellation notice via written message is required.


"Katie is such an inspirational trainer. Her classes I actually enjoy (I never thought I'd say I enjoy working out!). They are small enough that she is able to focus on each person and no two classes are the same. Katie will push you hard while respecting your limits, and makes sure her classes are never boring. Class times are flexible and I am able to attend different sessions and times each week - which is great for my shift work! Katie encourages everyone to be the best version of themselves and has a genuine care for me to better myself. I will definitely be doing these classes for a long time to come!"

− Penelope Lewin

"I took a stab in the dark with Katie when I moved to Mildura and have not regretted a second of it. A genuine person who brings knowledge, flexibility and correction to movements. Her exercises are unique and get mixed up every session. You see improvements over a small time in little areas, and meet a lot of awesome people.I rate it"

− Darcy Hulland

"Katie is amazing. She creates a supportive and refreshing atmosphere that encourages you to do your best every session. She is extremely adaptive with classes which means shift workers, uni students and working mothers can swap and change sessions if need be. Katie makes every class enjoyable and has so much knowledge to offer. I have grown so much physically and mentally in the 18 months I've been with thrive and I cannot recommend it enough or more highly. Each session you walk away feeling better than the day before and her passion for what she does is contagious"

− Rachael Costello