How is training with Katie different?

“Training with me is not solely about how you look externally, it’s about how strong you can feel on the inside. We are all so beautifully different, it’s about working with what you’ve got to become the best version of yourself and no one else”.

I was fed up with commercial gyms, endless tuna filled menu’s and superficial gym programs that focused on ‘target areas’, calorie counting and endless cardio.

I found that these focused very little on the entire person, including how they desired to FEEL. These mainstream methods of fitness portray the human body as something to be controlled, fixed and often result in an unhealthy obsession along with negative emotions that result in you feeling that moving your body is a mundane chore.

What about focusing on how you want to feel? Isn’t that our motivation in life, to feel incredible? Why would we do anything that doesn’t?

When I workout I want to feel alive, glowing, strong, flexible and that total blissed out rush of endorphins after a workout. I want to feel empowered and every cell in my body come alive. Then bask in that calm and clear peacefulness at the end of a sweat session with some deep stretching and often a meditation.

This is my template for transformation. The positive effects such as muscle definition, a toned tum and leaner legs are just bonuses from focusing on how you want to feel. It’s a total mindset change that creates a love for fitness. You crave that feeling again and again. The physical results are a super bonus! One of my clients now transfers her $$ with the caption ‘Mels Butt’ because her husband is pretty ecstatic, and in her own words, she wishes she found me years ago and can’t believe the physical results of focusing on how you want to feel!

In sum, I created something that I wish existed.

An elegant way of working out that re-aligns the body, mentally and physically.

An hour a day to re-connect with what truly matters. It’s my life raft and days without it aren’t the same. I am a personal trainer based in Mildura, and if this resonated with you, shoot me a message via the contact page.


PLEASE NOTE: As of June 2017 I am at full capacity with private training sessions. Feel free to contact me for small group training


I am happy to do a series of 3 x private sessions (on weekends) to ease you into group classes xo

Each session is multi-dimensional and customised to help you produce the results you desire… A combination of functional training, core, cardio, plyometrics, suspension training, barre, yoga and plenty of metabolism boosting movement.

katie boxing


30 mins – $35 (or two on one – $20ea)

45 mins – $50 (or two on one – $30ea)

60 mins – $60 (or two on one – $35ea)

Shoot me a message for further details regarding private training.

You can get a feel for what is involved by reading this post.


  • I take private yoga clients, and private meditations (from 1-5 people). Think a cosy room with candles, essential oils and a meditation focused on what you need at that time.
  • Currently I only have 1 yoga class in my group timetable (Monday’s 6.15pm)
  • I often run Full Moon yoga classes and meditations, so be sure to follow me on all social media outlets to keep updated!
  • I offer ‘Sensual Yoga’ classes for Hens Parties. A different and beautiful way to begin a hens day and make you all feel like gorgeous goddesses. Mats, candles and essential oils provided to make it a truly blissful experience, with a few laughs. I come to you, or you can choose the location. $110 for the hour (unlimited guests).
  • Restorative, beginners, and Hatha sessions with Jessica Tankard (aka my incredibly gorgeous sister) are currently available. Text her on 0438537534.

Sensual Yoga for Hens Parties



"Katie has completely changed my life for the better. Not only is she a dedicated personal trainer but has become a beautiful friend. Each workout is so unique, which keeps me coming back for more. Her gentle nature and encouragement pushes me to be stronger in her own clever way. This doesn't mean the sessions are soft! We call her the devil in disguise"

− Casey Richardson

"Katie has been a huge inspiration in my life. I feel truly happier within myself, more confident, and my outlook on everything has changed positively. I feel so supported in every way, and more like a friend of Katie's than a client. She doesn't just 'train' you, she assists with every aspect in your life. I can't thank her enough"

− Angela Enright

"Katie is an incredible person with a beautiful energy (aura) about her, and I feel that is a huge part of the enjoyment of the fitness sessions for myself and others. The field she has chosen entirely suits her, as she is inspiring and provides such a positive vibe."

− Josephine Robinson

"I am so happy Katie came into my life. Not only have I learnt about superfoods, but I love group classes and her positive energy, and her zest for life. It is so inspiring, especially to all the young girls nowadays struggling. And us OLD girls too!"

− Kerry O'Rielly