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The Ultimate Guide for bright eyed, go-getters with dreams of adventure & bigger than anything. Develop a ‘demand adventure’ attitude and travel to your desired destinations; healthily and with ease.

Can you think of any instances where you found yourself wishing you knew how

  • To take wander-lusting to the next level and save efficiently for your travels
  • Demand adventure today
  • Travel the globe knowing the top health tips to ensure you have the best experience possible
  • Know where to go, stay and eat in some of the top locations in the world
  • Travel friendly and hotel room workouts that will keep you in shape whilst abroad
  • How to play big with the world! Life is far too short to play small.

The Thrive Travel Guide has been designed with adventure seeking, wander lusting individuals in mind and will have you equipped to turn your wanderlust into reality in 10 simple chapters. Each chapter takes you through the steps in understanding how to travel the globe while maintaining fitness, wellbeing and weight to ensure that you remain a thriving jet setter.

Katie draws on personal experience, providing you with game changing tips, life lessons, workouts, packing lists, food recommendations, and top tips from each of Thrive’s featured Sunday Soul Sisters + so much more goodness.

Most importantly, Katie teaches you how to demand adventure and travel to all the places you desire, without the stress of money or time. Board the plane, or jump in your car and feel the stress melt away with every sip of your coconut.

"You can really feel the love and joy Katie has for travelling bursting off the pages. The Thrive Guide is jam packed with loads of travel tips and great advice for anyone planning their next trip. With so many great recommendations The Thrive Guide has inspired me to get out of my comfort zone more often, take more holidays and to book my next overseas adventure"

− Melissa Ambrosini

If you’re like most people…you cringe when you think of having to take time off work, meaning possible conflict with your boss and possibly less income. And when people describe this to me they will often say:

“I just can’t afford it”

“It’s too hard to take time off work”

“I don’t know where to go, stay or eat and planning is too hard”

“I’ll put on weight and always get sick when I travel” 

“I can’t decide on a destination”

Do You Feel That Way About Travel and Adventures, Too?
I Wrote This Book for You.

Here’s the thing: I believe travel is an integral element of life that restores harmony in our minds and bodies, and feeds our sense of curiosity. Some of us just don’t know where to begin. The ‘core’ of demanding adventure stems from within and I will teach you how to explore the globe intuitively.

Minus the guilt, stress and icky feeling you get when you think of money. It’s time to invest in yourself, and educate yourself on the how.

So just picture it–if you are able to change the way you think about travel, and adopt the behaviours to get you there, you will lead an exhilarating and fulfilling life–beyond anything you could ever imagine.

And this book, The Thrive Travel Guide, will play a starring role in helping you do just that.

Experiences make you a richer person. Ever heard the quote ‘travel is the only thing that makes you richer?’ I’m sure we all couldn’t agree more. Rather than doting on expensive gifts or luxury items, you’ll place value in treasure experiences. I’m sure you have that friend who often arrives home from an adventure with a certain glow and beautiful aura. You can have that too. This guide is overflowing with great insights that can benefit anyone wishing to be a go-getter.

Here is exactly what I talk about:

1. Why travelling is essential to our health: Learn about the often unforeseen benefits of travel, including how it enhances yourhealth physically, physiologically and spiritually. You’ll learn why it helps you stay slim, creates longevity and a full sense of fun loving in you.

 2. Demand Adventure: Three life changing strategies to help you travel the world without worry of money, stress or time. Learn how to adopt and abundance mindset and reach your goals and true potential. This chapter instils a total go-getter, GAME CHANGING attitude in you. 

3. How to remain in tip top shape whilst travelling: What to eat, how to eat, supplements to take, and much more.

 4. Healthy City Guides: My top foodie and fitness picks for Adelaide, Melbourne & Sydney with a comprehensive guide to each city.

 5. Top 4 Destinations in Australia: A healthy and spiritual guide to Australia’s top locations. Also view my top 10 list.

 6. Top 3 Destinations in the world: What’s so special about these locations? Learn the ins + outs + view my top 10 list.

 7. The adventurer’s packing list: Not your typical list. LearnHow to pack for adventure and soul seeking.

 8. Travel Friendly Thriving Workouts: Stay slim, sexy and energised with these detailed hotel room workouts.

9. The little bits: A couple of my yummiest + travel easy recipes + book recommendations for on the road (or in the air)

 10. Sunday Soul Sister Travelling Tips: Each of my featured Sunday Soul Sister’s share with you their best travel tips and how to make the most from your trip.

Not only do you get access to these juicy 10 chapters and 58 pages of total wanderlusting goodness… But I invite you to join me in The Thrive Travel Guide online support group. We have a buzzing online community in which you gorgeous souls, along with myself, can support each other in building authentic, adventurous and abundant lives. This facebook group is only available for those who purchase The Thrive Travel Guide eBook through the Thrive website. I literally lose my sh** with excitement talking about travel, how much I loathe plane food (and what to eat instead), and assisting others experience the world, because that’s what we are here to do. Live big, colourful lives, and I am looking so forward to connecting with you and answering any of your questions. My brain is at your disposal… to pick, and ask any questions you may have. So you aren’t just buying a guide, you’re purchasing exclusive access to my personal assistance to help you in your travel plans. Who This is For

  • Bright eyed- go getters who want to see the world but don’t know how or where to go!
  • Individuals that want to travel, but aren’t sure where to go or what to do
  • Those of you who wish to travel healthily and soulfully
  • People seeking information on how to stay slim and healthy while globe trotting

Who This is Not For

  • Closed minded individuals
  • People with no desire to travel the globe
  • People who place huge value on materialism over experiences. Eg… you wouldn’t second think buying another Manning Cartell dress over a flight sale and trip to Macchu Picchu in South America.

The Thrive Travel Guide gives you a smoother, easier and naturally enticing way to see the world. After numerous missed buses, flights or trains, wrong turns and lost property you will still feel the benefits of your travels, producing a stronger and intelligent version of you. This is through learning how to adopt the abundance and gratitude mindset.

So If You Have Been Pondering What It Feels Like To Be That Beamingly Happy, Healthy & Adventure Seeking Individual Today

To feel like you can achieve your dreams, be limitless without a worry, enrich your life through experiences…

Instant access to all 58 pages of The Thrive Travel Guide is yours.