Eat to Thrive in 28 Days


A 28 Day healthy eating program with nourishing REAL FOOD recipes to help you thrive in everyday life

This is for you if

  • You have been a yo-yo dieter and your weight fluctuates
  • You have tried following strict programs that have had the opposite effect than what you wanted
  • You are addicted to sugar and wish to learn about healthy alternatives without depriving yourself from treats
  • You are tired of counting calories
  • You are fatigued and tired and want to learn how to eat for energy without putting on weight
  • You don’t have time to prepare 6 meals a day like many fitness plans suggest
  • You are sick of deprivation and fad diets
  • You want to create beauty from the inside out- you are what you eat!
  • You realise that food is medicine and you want to learn how to feed yourself well
  • You have a few kilo’s you wish to shift
  • You want to learn to listen to your body and how to eat only when you are hungry
  • You are doing the Thrive 10 Week Fitness Program and wish to team it with a healthy diet that can also feed your family
  • Even if you’re not doing my 10 Week Fitness Program, you want to access all of the above.
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