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Welcome to Thrive Fitness & Wellbeing

I am a Personal Trainer based in Mildura and believe wellness doesn’t have to be a war between your mind and body.

With a holistic approach, I instill a new outlook on fitness and wellbeing through utilising functional movements, fueling your body with the right foods  and managing daily stresses. I know that to have a long lasting effect on my clients, we need to address the WHOLE picture – not just get someone fitter or leaner. This Thrive method has proven to work since we began in late 2012.

By integrating not just the physical, but emotional, nutritional, and spiritual elements into Thrive sessions, you can reconnect to a healthy state of balance, harmony and well-being… Allowing you to thrive, reaching your peak fitness (that you thought you’d never have) and becoming the most vital, confident version of you. We provide a platform of support to assist people from all walks of life on their path to accomplishment.


From the Thrive Blog

My Story

I’m a free spirit whose passions lie in all things wellness, climbing mountains, and adventure. I’ve found my purpose in assisting others reach their potential, physically, and mentally. With certificates in School Teaching, Yoga, PT, Barre, Integrative Nutrition + more, I can’t wait to help you reach yours.

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Private Training

“Training with me is not solely about how you look externally, it’s about how strong you can feel on the inside. We are all so beautifully different, it’s about working with what you’ve got to become the best version of yourself and no one else”. We’ll review all aspects of your life and create a program suited to you.

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Small Group Training

Strength, High Intensity Intervals, Yoga, Barre, Boxing- I have you covered and welcome you to join the Thrive fit fam to produce the results you desire in mind and body.

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